Paying your bills just got easier.

Yapstone builds payment processing software for  companies like VRBO and Homeaway. All of their revenue is B2B and they came to Philosophie for help building their first B2C product, Yapit. YapIt lets you pay and split rent and bills between roommates. I came on to the project towards the end and my primary role was redesigning some of the initial screens and conducting user testing to make sure our concepts solved a real problem. 


Testing and iterating

When I began working on this project, there was already a fully functioning prototype. The only thing missing was input from users. My role was to prepare and conduct these user tests and iterate based on the findings. 

One thing that was troubling for users was the Bill Split screen, which initially had a crazy UI with sliders for splitting bills. This was really difficult to use for the people we tested with so we redesigned the screen (result on the left).

Other learnings from the tests included small visual indicators on the home screen that let users know if bills were syncing, paid, and upcoming. This significantly improved the overall usability of the app and increased user satisfaction.