The Future of Retail

The Future of Retail

A project for PwC and Google.

PwC’s internal innovation team, the core of their alliance with Google, came to Philosophie with the idea of building a product to transform the way brick and mortar retail stores operate and serve customers by combining their business knowledge with Google’s technology.

Transforming the current state of retail is an ambitious goal to be sure. My job was to focus on improving the Store Manager’s experience while other members of the team focused on sales associates and customers.

Transforming the retail manager

Based on a cadence of 3-5 user test and interviews per week, our team discovered the the average Manager spends his days managing and tracking inventory, trying to reach his store’s sales goals, and managing his employees. Meeting daily, weekly, and monthly sales goals is incredibly challenging, especially because he is expected achieve more with fewer resources.

We leveraged Google Voice and Google now technology to create an interactive dashboard that would help Store Manager’s in their day-to-day activities. Using our solution they could see how each department was doing, how their store was doing, and most importantly, how their team was doing. 

Our goal was to eliminate the mundane tasks that take up time and use technology to give store managers more control over their store, transforming them into a coach and a mentor.

Turning search traffic into foot traffic

We also leveraged the power of Google Ads to give the retail manager more control over his store's foot traffic. He can use the app to track search traffic and predict what products will be popular in his area. Then he can send targeted advertisements to customers searching for those products to drive them into the store, where they can get the personalized attentive service that online shopping lacks. 


Watch the entire solution below!