Changing the way women work.

Optin is trying to solve a huge problem for women re-entering the job market after a few years off. It was started by a group of really smart women who all experienced serious difficulties while trying to get a job after taking some time off to raise their children. I helped them design a web app that connects women with employers looking to hire. 


Emphasis on skills

We focused on highlighting skills rather than work experience to give women confidence as they began their job search. By connecting employers with women who had the skills they were looking for, we were able to satisfy the needs of both groups.


Building a sense of community

It's more than just a job posting site, it's a support group and a community that offers tips and help for women re-entering the market. After talking to many women, we discovered that one of the main things they struggled with was confidence in presenting the gaps in their resume. In order to solve this, we tried to use Optin to shift the focus away from experience and build a community of strong, capable women.